50Q Shuttle to Fe from your Antigua location
Sorry, Fe Guests only!

By booking your stay on our website you save us money.

We share the savings with you by organizing specially discounted transportation to Lake Atitlan.

It's a simple win / win.

Book early - Space is limited - Just follow these two easy steps:

1. Enter your Antigua pickup details below.

2. Click on the Step 2 button to go to our reservation site and reserve your room.


We will contact you with confirmation of the shuttle space. This may take up to three hours, and possibly longer after regular office hours .

Your credit card will only be charged the full amount of the room and the shuttle AFTER confirmation of the shuttle. Shuttle and room charges are fully refundable up to 24hrs prior to departure.

We are looking forward to meeting you, and wish you safe travels!

We've been busy upgrading our rooms!

Every Room includes a lake view, great free breakfast and balcony hammock!

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